Friday, January 15, 2010

Today on the Beat

Today I did so many things that I can't even remember what they were. I had to call several people, I know that. I called the CA Republican Party in LA, the IRS, the Registrars office, the RNC, and a few more people. I've also put in a call in to the NAACP, but there has been no return call as of yet. I think I'll call them again.

I also filled out some more forms today. It's kind of weird. One section tells you that you don't have to, the same section a little bit later says you do. Well, I filled them out anyway. With the IRS, it's always better to have done the paperwork and be wrong than the other way around. Hey, I'm an accountant, I trust my judgement on this. haha

I stayed home today. This is the first day all week I've been home. My brother needed someone to be here. I finally confessed to him that I have decided to run for office, and he already knew. It's very hard to keep anything from him. He's good!

He didn't want me to run for office, because he believes I can do much more with my blogging and activism. He doesn't want to see me get dragged through the mud and hurt. I can understand this, but he really shouldn't worry too much. I've never felt more alive, more energized, because I am finally going to do something about the problems we face rather than just write or complain about them. Yes, I do believe it takes a servants heart to be successful at this. This is something I pray I possess as much as I need.

I know I have a servants heart when it comes to people as a citizen. Our prayer request list grows everyday. Please help me to remember to always have a servants heart. I'm counting on you guys to help keep this gooook off me that they seem to have in Washington. Yuk! Please be my fellowship partners. I will need you more than I need your financial support.

Oh, btw, I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow to get the PO Box so you may start contributing if you so choose. I am going to need a lot of money, and I really don't like to ask but I must. If I cannot get 3000 signatures in a short period of time, I will need to pay $1,740 to have my name on the ballot.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to get the press involved, my ears are wide open. I've called, written, etc. Maybe if I get those signatures...I need the numbers of the people who vote in our district. Maybe I can get the signatures that way? I was thinking of hitting the schools in my district. Maybe some of the Churches also.

Right now I'm just rambling, because there is so much on my mind. Thank You, God, for the internet! What a wonderful thing it is for us to express our thoughts and share them with others. Thanks for taking the time to read it. God bless, and have a wonderful day. Digg! Digg!


  1. Go, girl! If I lived on the Left Coast, I'd move to your district just to vote for ya.

  2. David, u'r so sweet. This is what I've been busy doing. When I said I was busy, I wasn't kidding! *heh* (I borrowed this from u, *heh*. Like it.) Have a blessed day.


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