Friday, January 8, 2010

My Diary Page 2

Today was pretty busy. I did a lot of talking on the phone. They are going to mail me some of the material so I fill it out now. When I called back in November to find out the information to run as a candidate, they told me I had to wait until January 4, 2010. It made me wonder how everyone else was already out there campaigning. Peculiar.

I spoke with the Registrar, the FPPC, the IRS, Secretary of State and I don't remember all of them. You know how government is when their trying to help you. Everyone kept sending me to someone else. I don't know if they know who actually does what, or maybe I asked the wrong questions. That's quite possible.

Well, that's for today. I'm still excited and at peace, but I don't like keeping this from my brother. It is really tearing me up inside. It's odd. I feel torn up, yet I also feel at peace. Strange.

Please see Page 23.

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