Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rep McClintock Endorses Citizen Power Initiative


Tustin, CA [January 14, 2010] - California Representative Tom McClintock today announced his endorsement of the Citizen Power Initiative, a proposed ballot initiative that will ban the practice of allowing taxpayer money to be funneled to politics through public employee unions’ paychecks.

The Citizen Power Campaign ( is currently collecting signatures to qualify the Citizen Power Initiative for the November 2010 ballot. Proponents have until mid-April to render nearly 700,000 valid signatures to the Secretary of State.

Tom McClintock, who represents California’s fourth congressional district, said, “The Citizen Power Initiative is absolutely necessary to bring real reform to Sacramento. People on both sides of the aisle know that public employee unions have too much power in Sacramento and stand in the way of real reform. They have that power because they have a special privilege no one else in politics has – the ability to automatically take money from their union members’ paychecks without their permission and use it for politics. This initiative will stop that automatic flow of money by simply taking the state out of the business of collecting political contributions on behalf of union bosses.”

“Restoring power the California’s citizens through the Citizen Power Initiative is our Number One priority in 2010 and Tom McClintock’s endorsement proves his commitment to stand on our side,” said Mark Meckler, one of the measure’s five proponents who as the California co-coordinator and a National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots.

To read the full text of the initiative and to learn more, visit and click onThe Solution.”

To download petitions and join the Citizen Power Campaign’s online community, visit


The Citizen Power Campaign combines grassroots taxpayer organizers, retirees, and political veterans. The initiative’s official proponents are Mark Meckler and Dawn Wildman, California’s Tea Party Patriot state coordinators; Larry Sand, retired public school teacher and founder of the California Teacher Empowerment Network; Allan Mansoor, Costa Mesa Mayor and Orange County Deputy Sheriff; and Mark Bucher, Orange County attorney and author of the 1998 ‘paycheck protection’ initiative, Proposition 226. The Lincoln Club of Orange County, a group of about 200 business owners and executives who believe in limited government, lower taxes, and the promotion of free enterprise, has been an early supporter and financial contributor to the Citizen Power Campaign.

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