Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Prescription For Obama

I received this email a couple weeks ago, but it is so pertinent today. Please follow the link on this one. It will be worth your time.
Drug Store Stops Medicaid Drug Sales
January 08, 2010, 12:57 PM

Yes, this story is from the State of Washington--but it shows what is going to happen to seniors with Obamacare.

Under the current Medicare, doctors and drug stores are no longer taking new clients and ending sales and relationships with old clients.

Obamacare is going to cut, off the top, $500 billion from Medicare--meaning many more doctors and drug stores will stop supporting the Feds effort.

Plumbers get $65 just to show up at your door. Doctors, under medicare get paid $35 to have you sit on a table.

The Feds do have a plan to ration health care--less money, meaning fewer providers.

Obama does have a death panel--fewer providers of health care and drugs means fewer people getting life saving care--that is a death sentence--except for the rich--who BO is really representing.

Get angry, your life depends on it.
So we are supposed to believe there will be no death panels? Let me see if I can figure this out.

We start out with (let's say for sake of simplicity) 100 doctors and 10 pharmacies. Add to that 10,000 patients who are on medicare. That would make it - on average - 2,000 patients per doctor and 20,000 patients per pharmacist.

Now let's follow Obama's plan. Let's pretend that no one loses their job and all things remain equal. In the plan, the price per doctor is #35 dollars, and the pharmacist usually has to put up some of his own money becuase they don't even pay him at cost prices. (I can't price every pill.)

The government, your so-called friend, is going to reduce the amount paid to both the doctor and the pharmacist, because they have now added everyone to their coffers-er-bailouts-er-general fund. We now have 300,000,000 people plus living here. Eventually everyone will be on this government plan.

Now for this exercise, let's say that there are only 1,000,000 people. That would mean that only 10% of the people are currently on the plan. If the doctors and the pharmacists are not making enuogh money to cover their expenses now, what do you think would happen when 900% of people were thrust upon them?

Let me ask you one question. Why do you go to work? Don't you want to get paid? Why? You greedy sob! What? You mean you worked for that money? But you don't understand! That belongs to the government! It has to in order to pay for all the things everyone wants that they could buy themselves. Oh, I got off track? Yes, that happens.

Okay, the doctor has 2000 patients at $35 which equals $70,000. But wait a minute. There has been a cut in pay. I don't know how much, but let's say 20%. That would equal a $7 pay cut. ($35-7=$29) That would leave him $64,000. And he still has to pay taxes! Can he claim any losses? NO.

(Try to get a plumber to come to your house for $29!)

They make more than that now. What happened? Oh, these are medicare patients. It's amazing that my neurologist makes so much more than this. Most specialists do. They see people this way like they see cattle for sale. Ship 'em in, take a look, next! What happened to those nice doctors who used to come to my house to check up on me? LAWYERS.

President Obama. Your plan will destroy the will for many young people who are making up their mind whether to become a doctor or a politician. With the plan you put out there last night, it is better to work for the government? Like heck it is! STOP GROWING GOVERNMENT, and LEAVE OUR MEDICAL SYSTEM ALONE.

Already 45% of our doctors are ready to quit because they cannot afford to make a living on your plan. With 900% more need, 45% of the doctors gone, pharmacists closing, how do you expect to stay alive?

Yes, you brought change. Keep it. I'd rather have the dollars. Digg! Digg!

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