Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Diary Page 6

Today I went into the bank to open a separate account so as not entangle funds. All contributions and expenses will go this account with receipts. This should keep every clear and proper. I loaned myself the money to open it up, and I already have $303 spent. ($140 travelling expense, $140 publication expense, and $23 for my (political) name.)

I am trying to figure out how to do this by myself. It is going to be difficult. I should get a campaign manager, but who? With what money? Who would want to do all that work without the promise of some reward afterward? Please do not expect any rewards.

I will be very grateful after our victory, but I do not give out rewards. Now it is obvious that the people who help who I find I can work well with I will obviously ask them to come to Washington with me. I sure hope it's someone from the Tea Party. I've met many great people through our parties, protests, get togethers, phone calls, etc. You guys are the best.

I should be ready to go now. There is just one more thing though. At the bank they made me get a business account instead of a non-profit account. That's because I am not to make a personal profit off of any of these contributions. I asked how it could be non-profit when there's so much money involved, and that's the Registrar said. Who knew?

Also, because I did not have a DBA (Doing Business As...), they wouldn't allow me to use my campaign's name, Welch for Congress 2010. I'll have to get one of those. I wonder if when I spoke to the IRS if they gave me one? What is an EIN? Hmm. Oh well. I'll get those tomorrow.

Still peaceful, still excited. Doing well. Forward march!

Please see Page 23.

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