Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Diary Page 4

Today has been relaxing. I'm getting my ducks put in a row, and this week I'm going to the Registrars even if I have to a cab. My brother has given me money for a cab, because he doesn't want out there with no way to get home. I have to pick up some voter registration forms, but he doesn't know about this.

I'm going to get enough rest today because I know when anyone deals with bureaucrats, no matter how nice they are, it can be an all day ordeal. It may go smoothly, but I'm just preparing my mental state just in case.

Still excited and at peace. I think the fact that I finally decided to do something about the TARP, the out of control stimulus bills, healthcare insurance, assult on our capitalist system from all sides, unemployment in double digits-some places and some people more intense numbers, auto bailouts, bank bail outs, wall street bail outs, housing collapses and instead of allowing the free market to work its way through they arifially keep the prices high when we all know its only going cause another collapse. *sigh*

Well, this will not be happening under our watch. Unemployment is now almost two years long! This is outrageous. Some people have a tendency not to look for work until one month before their unemployment benefits cease.

I understand people thinking this policy is helping those who cannot find work, but would you please show me where it says in the constitution that we are allowed to do this? The states can do this, because that power was never given to federal government by the several states. That is why we have state unemployment insurance. Or does President Obama want to national that too? Oh goodness, I'm going to sleep.

Please see Page 23.

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