Friday, January 29, 2010

My Diary Page 23

When I started to write this diary, I wanted to capture the events, emotions, etc., so that others may learn from my experience. I slacked off because it was a little difficult to piece things together each day prior to starting this diary. (I started on the 20th.)

Now that that's out of the way, today I went to the post office. It would have been easier if I had been an illegal alien! To be fair, I think that's because they would have known what to bring with them to get a PO Box.

I had my drivers license, a letter from the registrar's offices, voter register forms that were sent to me, a credit card, and yet I could not get a PO Box because I did not have a passport (I had my SS card with me), I am not a member of our armed services, and I don't have a car so I don't the registration for a non-existent item. That is all they would take for ID.

There was no way to prove to this lady that I am me. I even had the label for my prescription with me! (I am epileptic). Ugh.

I came home, ate two salads, and passed out. Let me explain about the two salads. My brother bought me some of that pre-made salad so you only have to add dressing and eat. I only put a little on the plate because I was so tired. I stayed up all night again, and I didn't want to fall asleep without eating.

After the first plate, it just tasted so good! So I poured some more onto the same plate. So actually, I only had one one salad. There is still some left over. I'll have that in a little while, maybe with some cottage cheese. I like the small curd, how about you?

I love it when you take a can of fruit and put it in the fridge, let it chill, then make two helpings with half cheese and half fruit in each. Mmm.

Lori is such a dear friend. She has been remarkable. She is helping me, and she is looking for a job at the same time. She is very good at graphic arts so if anyone out there is looking for a graphic artist, I highly recommend her! She is creating labels, brochures, and posters for me. They are fantastic!

I would like to ask a favor from my Christian and people of faith friends. Please pray for Lori's daughter and Lori. They were in an accident the other night. A stupid driver in a truck rammed them (I think) from behind. Now she also has no car. They are both (eh) okay. There is pain, but they are alive. Thank you for any and all prayers in advance.

I'm glad I got the diary thing straightened out. Now I can go on from here. Oh yes. I took forms 1 and 2 for the FEC with me when I went to Norwalk to file, and they told me I did not need them yet. Being me and not knowing how to do this, I had called everyone prior to then.

I called the FEC today to find out if was okay if I used a PO Box as my address instead of my address (don't have to worry about that anymore!), and the discussion of these forms came up. They told me I should return them PRONTO! Gosh, I'm glad I asked. *heh* Good night.

PS. I just noticed, it should say 'day' instead of 'page' in the title. I'll change that tomorrow. ;) Digg! Digg!

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