Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts Election News Update

Today is the day and there is much news. As you know, we have reporters over there watching this election. We want to avoid fraud, illegalities, etc. This is what has been reported so far.

Washington News Alert.

Martha Coakley’s Office Calls Reporters “Nazis”, Throws Them Out.
By Robert Romano

January 19th, 2010, Springfield, MA–An Americans for Limited Government Foundation reporter was blocked from entering a Martha Coakley campaign office, and the guards called her and her crew “Nazis.”


Said ALGF reporter Nancy Neale about the incident, “We went back to the Coakley volunteer center at 640 Page Blvd., one of the phone bank volunteer centers.

“We identified ourselves as journalists for Washington News Alert and Watchdog. They asked us politely to stop filming, and we did. However, two other men made phone calls and after they finished the calls, came over, grabbed my arm and told us to get out. Read the rest of this entry »

Coakley Campaigners Posting Signs Near Polling Locations Busted in Lawrence.
by Robert Romano

[Video 1] Part 1: A van that we have seen previously today shows up again planting signs. A guy got out of it. He blindsides our cameraman, he curses, and bumps him. In the bump his finger hits the stop record. He realizes and records again.

[Video 2] Part 2: The van is documented, and they explain what happened.

[Video 3] Part 3: They explain to the offenders the violation.

[Video 4] Part 4: The offenders move the signs.

Read more about election day in Massachusetts at Washington News Alert.

Warden a no-show, police open machine
Posted on January 19th, 2010 by Robert Romano

By Andrew W. Griffin, Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

LAWRENCE, Mass. — At the Essex Towers senior public housing, voters are being allowed to vote despite the poll warden not showing up. According to a poll watcher for Republican candidate Scott Brown, a Lawrence Police Department officer unlocked the ballot box. This was observed by Americans for Limited Government, and Brown and Martha Coakley poll watchers.

The poll warden had taken a child to school, according to one observer. The police later opened a polling machine for a handicapped man. There was still no evidence of a poll warden one hour after the polls opened.

Andrew W. Griffin is the editor of Oklahoma Watchdog.

As I wrote yesterday about dead people voting, the Secretary of State William Galvin has refused to take this issue seriously. Apparently, the DoJ has found him guilty of not reporting how many absentee ballots went overseas and how many were returned. Our Military men and women along with others didn't get to vote in Massachusetts possibly. This is unconscionable.

Hat tip: Americans for Limited Government. Digg! Digg!

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