Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Has Been Fun

This shall be my last post here. When I woke up today I found my brother doubled over in pain due to the stress he was suffering because of my decision to run for Congress. I cannot endure the thught of making my brother ill. He is highly susceptible to panic attacks, and I just cannot do that to him.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far. I may stay closer to home and try for a seat on the Central Committee. He believes I can better work there for our cause. While I disagree, I do understand his point.

I hope everyone the best. My thoghts and prayers are with you. (Yes, some of my dollars, too.) You will be happy to know that no one has contributed any money yet so I don't have to go through the pain of returning it. Wheh!

Now I have to close out everything. That should be fun. Not. I am so sorry because I really wanted to serve you. I suppose I still can.

I just never wanted to start this campaign without being certain I could carry it to victory. In a way, I have carried it to victory. I am putting my desires aside for those of my brother's health. God, please help my brother. Amen and good day.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

My Diary Page 23

When I started to write this diary, I wanted to capture the events, emotions, etc., so that others may learn from my experience. I slacked off because it was a little difficult to piece things together each day prior to starting this diary. (I started on the 20th.)

Now that that's out of the way, today I went to the post office. It would have been easier if I had been an illegal alien! To be fair, I think that's because they would have known what to bring with them to get a PO Box.

I had my drivers license, a letter from the registrar's offices, voter register forms that were sent to me, a credit card, and yet I could not get a PO Box because I did not have a passport (I had my SS card with me), I am not a member of our armed services, and I don't have a car so I don't the registration for a non-existent item. That is all they would take for ID.

There was no way to prove to this lady that I am me. I even had the label for my prescription with me! (I am epileptic). Ugh.

I came home, ate two salads, and passed out. Let me explain about the two salads. My brother bought me some of that pre-made salad so you only have to add dressing and eat. I only put a little on the plate because I was so tired. I stayed up all night again, and I didn't want to fall asleep without eating.

After the first plate, it just tasted so good! So I poured some more onto the same plate. So actually, I only had one one salad. There is still some left over. I'll have that in a little while, maybe with some cottage cheese. I like the small curd, how about you?

I love it when you take a can of fruit and put it in the fridge, let it chill, then make two helpings with half cheese and half fruit in each. Mmm.

Lori is such a dear friend. She has been remarkable. She is helping me, and she is looking for a job at the same time. She is very good at graphic arts so if anyone out there is looking for a graphic artist, I highly recommend her! She is creating labels, brochures, and posters for me. They are fantastic!

I would like to ask a favor from my Christian and people of faith friends. Please pray for Lori's daughter and Lori. They were in an accident the other night. A stupid driver in a truck rammed them (I think) from behind. Now she also has no car. They are both (eh) okay. There is pain, but they are alive. Thank you for any and all prayers in advance.

I'm glad I got the diary thing straightened out. Now I can go on from here. Oh yes. I took forms 1 and 2 for the FEC with me when I went to Norwalk to file, and they told me I did not need them yet. Being me and not knowing how to do this, I had called everyone prior to then.

I called the FEC today to find out if was okay if I used a PO Box as my address instead of my address (don't have to worry about that anymore!), and the discussion of these forms came up. They told me I should return them PRONTO! Gosh, I'm glad I asked. *heh* Good night.

PS. I just noticed, it should say 'day' instead of 'page' in the title. I'll change that tomorrow. ;) Digg! Digg!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Counter Terrorism Threatened

There is some news I am bringing to you (through the Warrior Legacy Institute) which, if they have their way, could have very grave consequenses to our war against Islamic jihadis. Yes, I name the enemy, because I want them defeated.
January 18, 2010
The Legal Assault against our Counterterror efforts- Universal Jurisdiction & Targeted Killing.

The Warrior Legacy Institute has released it's latest paper "Universal Jurisdiction & Targeted Killing" which discusses our policy of killing known terrorists and the authorizations for this. One of our most successful tactics against al Qaeda has been the use of armed drone aircraft and if we are to continue this we need to make certain we are on firm legal ground. Congress passed an Authorization to Use Military Force against al Qaeda following 9/11 which gives legal standing within our own judicial system for these strikes. There are trans-national organizations that believe they have jurisdiction over our operations, such as the International Criminal Court and we need to establish that our inherent right of self defense as a nation gives us the freedom to attack enemies who represent a terrorist threat wherever we may find them. Recently the American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the legal justification of the drone strike program. This will not be the last challenge to this program.We suggest a treaty that enshrines such a right similar to pacts that recognize piracy as a borderless crime. Failure to do so could leave our forces in danger of actions from organizations that claim a Universal Jurisdiction over what they consider war crimes. Download pdf here.
We hope you will share this paper and video with your friends and family. This is an important issue that affects all of our brave troops and you can use this knowledge to be part of that discussion and decision.



Jim Hanson
Director, Warrior Legacy Institute
Please help me to spread this message far and wide. It would be a tragedy (and dare I say treasonous) if the United States were to be blown to bits because of those within who have been trying to destroy our country since the days of Stalin?

Thank you, and have a nice day. Digg! Digg!

My Prescription For Obama

I received this email a couple weeks ago, but it is so pertinent today. Please follow the link on this one. It will be worth your time.
Drug Store Stops Medicaid Drug Sales
January 08, 2010, 12:57 PM

Yes, this story is from the State of Washington--but it shows what is going to happen to seniors with Obamacare.

Under the current Medicare, doctors and drug stores are no longer taking new clients and ending sales and relationships with old clients.

Obamacare is going to cut, off the top, $500 billion from Medicare--meaning many more doctors and drug stores will stop supporting the Feds effort.

Plumbers get $65 just to show up at your door. Doctors, under medicare get paid $35 to have you sit on a table.

The Feds do have a plan to ration health care--less money, meaning fewer providers.

Obama does have a death panel--fewer providers of health care and drugs means fewer people getting life saving care--that is a death sentence--except for the rich--who BO is really representing.

Get angry, your life depends on it.
So we are supposed to believe there will be no death panels? Let me see if I can figure this out.

We start out with (let's say for sake of simplicity) 100 doctors and 10 pharmacies. Add to that 10,000 patients who are on medicare. That would make it - on average - 2,000 patients per doctor and 20,000 patients per pharmacist.

Now let's follow Obama's plan. Let's pretend that no one loses their job and all things remain equal. In the plan, the price per doctor is #35 dollars, and the pharmacist usually has to put up some of his own money becuase they don't even pay him at cost prices. (I can't price every pill.)

The government, your so-called friend, is going to reduce the amount paid to both the doctor and the pharmacist, because they have now added everyone to their coffers-er-bailouts-er-general fund. We now have 300,000,000 people plus living here. Eventually everyone will be on this government plan.

Now for this exercise, let's say that there are only 1,000,000 people. That would mean that only 10% of the people are currently on the plan. If the doctors and the pharmacists are not making enuogh money to cover their expenses now, what do you think would happen when 900% of people were thrust upon them?

Let me ask you one question. Why do you go to work? Don't you want to get paid? Why? You greedy sob! What? You mean you worked for that money? But you don't understand! That belongs to the government! It has to in order to pay for all the things everyone wants that they could buy themselves. Oh, I got off track? Yes, that happens.

Okay, the doctor has 2000 patients at $35 which equals $70,000. But wait a minute. There has been a cut in pay. I don't know how much, but let's say 20%. That would equal a $7 pay cut. ($35-7=$29) That would leave him $64,000. And he still has to pay taxes! Can he claim any losses? NO.

(Try to get a plumber to come to your house for $29!)

They make more than that now. What happened? Oh, these are medicare patients. It's amazing that my neurologist makes so much more than this. Most specialists do. They see people this way like they see cattle for sale. Ship 'em in, take a look, next! What happened to those nice doctors who used to come to my house to check up on me? LAWYERS.

President Obama. Your plan will destroy the will for many young people who are making up their mind whether to become a doctor or a politician. With the plan you put out there last night, it is better to work for the government? Like heck it is! STOP GROWING GOVERNMENT, and LEAVE OUR MEDICAL SYSTEM ALONE.

Already 45% of our doctors are ready to quit because they cannot afford to make a living on your plan. With 900% more need, 45% of the doctors gone, pharmacists closing, how do you expect to stay alive?

Yes, you brought change. Keep it. I'd rather have the dollars. Digg! Digg!

The 'State of the Union'

There were so many lies and absurdities in last night's SOTU that I had to take some time to cool off. It didn't work. How dare he blame President Bush for his mishandling of any issue over one year after he's left office.

But beyond that, the depression he has pushed us toward with his arrogant desire to force health care INSURANCE (to be bought by a private company which they are raising their prices so when there is a cost freeze, they won't be hurt) down our purses whether we want to purchase it or not. This is unconstitutional.

Some people say it is not, I disagree. Show me where it states in the Constitution that Congress shall regulate and dispense health INSURANCE. They certainly do not take care of our car insurance, and the state's mandate that we have that. Are they going to buy us the car as well? Ugh.

About homosexuals in the armed forces. Obama, put on a uniform please before you decide to change anything that has to do with the military. I trust the generals and the grunts who say it would interrupt cohesion. BTW, President BUSH successfully made that agreement with Iraq. For you to take credit for it just shows how little of a man you really are.

Any Republican and Democrat who cares about saving their skin should drop this whole farce of health care insurance and cap and trade (tax). It is nice to be able to tell people how to run their lives when you don't have to live under those same rules. You fly around on a jet that we pay for, you live in a house that we paid for, and you have the gall to talk to us as if we're idiots?

GLOBAL WARMING IS A SCAM. A political, money-making scam. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Here is the transcript and here is the video (mp4). Other than that, it was just another stump speech... Digg! Digg!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've Been Advertized!

Wow. The people over at Bring Home the Politicians have a commercial for me. It could be because I support their cause (of course), but it's still cool to have some advertizing. Please go to YouTube so we can raise the total of views. Thanks.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bring Home The Politicians

As many of us have noticed this past year, it is very difficult to speak with our representatives when they are in DC. Aside from the fact that is difficult enough to speak to them when they are home. Maybe we can demand a day or two out of the week for us to be allowed to make appointments?

I can understand they have much work to do. After all, it is very difficult to destroy a nation without much effort.

This brings me to the point. I have a video which I think hits the nail right on the head. (I hope they're not kooky, I haven't heard anything bad about them.) Now for the video:

Here is the link to YouTube, just in case this video isn't working properly.

They have asked me to add this to my site (on the sidebar), and I am going to do just that. It is about time we caught up to the 21st Century. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please comment and let me know what you think. Have a great day.

PS. I found this juicy bit which makes me feel a lot better. Now I understand they're okay. Enjoy!

Here is the link to YouTube.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Speech 1, Tyranny 0

Today the Supreme Court of the United States has reversed itself yet again to allow incorporated groups to use political speech even days before an election. The Citizens United v. FEC case decision came down today, and it is great news.
James Madison Center for Free Speech
1 South 6th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807

January 21, 2010

Contact: James Bopp, Jr.
Phone: 812/232-2434; Fax 812/235-3685

U.S. Supreme Court Embraces First Amendment in Case About Hillary: The Movie
Today, in Citizens United v. FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court protected the First Amendment right of citizen groups to engage in political speech, even if they choose the protections of incorporation. The case involved the ability of Citizens United to broadcast Hillary: The Movie.

The Court held that there is no corruption in assuming the corporate form, so incorporated groups could no more be prohibited from broadcasting their political speech than other citizen groups. The Court reversed its holding in Austin v. Michigan State Chamber of Commerce (1990) that “corruption” based on adopting the corporate form justified prohibiting corporations from expressly advocating the election or defeat of federal candidates. And it reversed its holding in McConnell v. FEC (2003) that corporations could be prohibited from making “electioneering communications” (broadcast communications that merely mention candidates near elections). As a result, many campaign finance laws—those based on rejected corporate-form “corruption”—are unconstitutional. The only corruption that can justify campaign-finance regulation is quid pro quo, i.e., votes for favors. The Court decided that Citizen United could be required to put required “disclaimers” on their electioneering communications and report expenditures for them.

James Bopp, Jr., who has litigated numerous campaign-finance cases, makes the following statement concerning the case: “We are pleased that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed the First Amendment right of citizens to participate in political speech. The Court guards the people’s self-government right to associate and speak, safe from incumbent politicians who dislike criticism and would silence it if permitted. This case reaffirms that the people are sovereign and require broad protection for their liberty to engage in political speech.”


Citizens United is a nonprofit (§ 501(c)(4)) Virginia corporation founded in 1988. Among other activities, Citizens United produces movies. Some of its documentaries have won awards.

In late 2007, Citizens was preparing a feature-length (90 minutes) documentary, Hillary: The Movie. Citizens produced three ads to promote the movie. It filed suit because the ads would be broadcast during electioneering-communication blackout periods and name a candidate and so would be regulated as “electioneering communications.” In January 2008, the movie was released. It included interviews and scenes of then-Senator Clinton at public appearances. It was shown in theaters and sold on DVD. Thomas Nelson Publishers paid a royalty for book rights and published a compendium book. When Citizens United received an offer to broadcast the movie, it sued as to the movie because it was prohibited from broadcasting it by the prohibition on corporate electioneering communications.

A three-judge federal district court held that the public disclosure provisions were constitutional as to the ads and the movie. And it held that the movie was an “electioneering communication” and that the prohibition on corporate broadcast of such communications was constitutional. Citizens United appealed. After initial briefing, the Supreme Court ordered additional briefing and argument on whether the cases relying on a corporate-form “corruption” should be reconsidered.


As a result of today’s opinion, substantial campaign finance regulations remain, but they are focused on the concerns the Court originally identified in the 1976 Buckley v. Valeo decision. There are still limits on the size of political contributions, in keeping with the Court’s concern about quid pro quo corruption. Gone is the notion that just because citizens incorporate they lose First Amendment rights.

Another result of today’s opinion is that many state laws patterned on now-rejected federal law are unconstitutional. States have even enacted laws going beyond what Congress has done, and these will now be clearly unconstitutional, too.

So-called campaign-finance “reform” groups will decry today’s opinion as allowing corporations and unions to have undue influence in politics and public life. But they fail to grasp the genius of the Framers of our Constitution. The Framers understood that in a free Republic the proper response to speech one opposes is speech in opposition, not opposition to speech. The Framers understood that layers of speech regulations and restrictions chill political involvement, so they forbade Congress to restrict speech and association. They did so to allow people of ordinary means to pool their resources and speak on the issues vital to them. The result of modern campaign-finance “reform” has been to make political speech available only to those who could hire expensive experts to guide them through the maze of regulations and restrictions, thereby cutting out the people of ordinary means. So ironically, it is not rich corporations and unions whose speech has been suppressed by purported “reform,” but the common folk, who cannot afford to hire the lawyers that the rich corporations and unions can afford. Today’s decision is a step toward returning to the day when any citizen can stand and speak her mind—without a second thought about complying with some maze of opaque regulations—because she is an American.


The opinion is available at
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

America Rising

This video says it all. Yesterday we took back Massachusetts with Sen. Scott Brown (great job!), November 2, we are coming after the whole lot of you. Republicans, that includes you, too.

If this video does not work properly, here is the link to YouTube.

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Quotes On Brown's Victory

Project 21 is a remarkable group that I've been following for several years now, and they are astutely aware of the political consequenses and/or gains in these days. Here is the email I received today dealing with Sen. Scott Brown:

Black Conservatives Comment on Brown Victory in Massachusetts

Washington, D.C.: Black conservatives affiliated with the Project 21 leadership network are speaking out about the stunning victory of Republican state senator Scott Brown over Democrat state attorney general Martha Coakley in Massachusetts.

Kevin L. Martin: "Scott Brown's victory in the bluest of traditionally blue states can only be viewed as a complete loss of confidence in the policies of the Obama White House and its allies in Congress. People have tasted the fruits of a government dominated by liberal ideologues and they've not found it to their liking. What remains to be seen is if this repudiation has been heard and understood. Will Obama, Pelosi and Reid see the writing on the wall, or will they continue their heavy-handed attempts to ram through their agenda against the will of the people?"

Horace Cooper: "Yesterday's victory by State Senator Brown is reminiscent of the upset off-year elections of 1994. Then, the Democrats could have seen the results for what they were - a repudiation of big government liberalism - but they refused. As someone who worked on the Hill while these races were happening, you have to wonder if this time they'll get the message before it's too late."

Bob Parks: "As someone who ran - and lost - in Massachusetts, it's great to see a conservative win there. While Massachusetts Republicans and independents can enjoy their well-earned opportunity to gloat, they can also revel in the fact they did the impossible in an impossible state. And let's hope leaders in Washington realize that the people responded to a conservative message - not one of moderation."

Ellis Washington: "In Massachusetts, the site of the first tea party in 1773 and the renewed tax revolts of 2009, citizen defiance may have saved our republic. The stakes could not have been higher for the Obama Administration and congressional liberals in this special election. This may be the day in which it is guaranteed that Barack Obama will be a one-term president. Scott Brown's election will help America take a giant step toward renewed freedom and liberty. It bodes well for renewing American exceptionalism, market capitalism and the protection of personal property and sacred inalienable rights."

Project 21, established in 1992, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research ( Digg! Digg!

Get Well Soon Charlie Daniels

This is breaking news from Yahoo News:

U.S. country star Charlie Daniels recovering after stroke, Reuters.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – American country music performer Charlie Daniel, whose hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" won him a Grammy in 1979, is recovering at home after suffering a mild stroke, his agent said on Tuesday.

Daniels, 73, was snowmobiling in Colorado on Friday when he suffered the stroke and was released from hospital two days later. He has no plans to cancel any upcoming concert dates.

"Charlie is doing well and looking forward to beginning The Charlie Daniels Band 2010 concert dates on February 27th in Ft. Pierce, Florida and February 28th in Brooksville, Florida," his agent said in a statement.

Daniels is behind a string of country and pop music hits that include "Simple Man," "In America" and "The Legend of Wooley Swamp."

"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" was included in the soundtrack of the 1980 movie "Urban Cowboy," which starred John Travolta and Debra Winger and in which Daniels also made an appearance.

(Writing by Miral Fahmy, editing by Belinda Goldsmith)

Source: Yahoo News from Stix.

Charlie, we all love you. We are praying for your health, your family and friends, and you. Please rest. I know you feel like a spring chicken, but please listen to your doctors! Get well soon dear. God bless you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time To Get To Work

Today is a good day. There was an election that did not end up in court and there was no mention of any injuries. It is sad when one has come to expect this behavior, but it was not that way this day. I am grateful for this. Mrs. Coakley was kind enough to concede shortly after the polls closed. That was classy.

I'm also happy because I live in a country where the people WILL rise up when the politicians go too far in either direction. Yes, all of those Tea Parties were not just a bunch of misfits who didn't like President Obama.

While it is true I do not like his policies or the way they keep Republicans out of all the writing of any bills, I do not know him. Therefore I cannot determine whether or not I like him personally.

I am not a Lefty. I do not hate people because they differ with me. If people didn't differ with me, how would I know if my ideas stood the test of scrutiny? It is good to debate. That is how we learn and grow. Staying convinced of that which is not true is only detrimental to ones self until you try pass bad law because of your belief.

Take for example cap and tax. Global cooling global warming climate change could mean anything. What happened? Why did they change from cooling to warming to climate change?

The climate has always changed. This is obvious. We call it winter, spring, summer and fall! Ah, but this is not what they mean. They are trying to use words that sounds politically correct but mean something quite different.

The so-called scientists who worked on the computer model have been proven frauds, and the Leftist Democrats are trying to move forward with this cap and tax bill anyway. Not so fast! Scott Brown won his election today, and he will help us to defeat this nonsense.

I don't mind if you believe in this. Do everything you can to help stop using carbon dioxide. While you're at it, stop breathing. Every time you exhale, you are spewing carbon dioxide. (CO2=1 carbon element+2 oxygen elements.)

This is what plants need to grow and expel OXYGEN into the air so we may breathe. But you go ahead and kill the trees and all our vegetation. That'll do us a whole lot of good. Feel a little silly do ya? No, I didn't think you would. *sigh*

How did I get onto this topic? Hmm. Anyway, I do feel joy and peace. I am encouraged to know that even in Massachusetts you cannot pull the wool over the people's eyes anymore. Thank God. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. There is hope, and the change is a'comin in November.

Please contribute to my campaign for US Congress CA-37. Ms. Richardson has ignored our petitions. She has ignored our calls. She has ignored our e-mails. She has ignored our visits to her office. Well she won't ignore us much longer. Not with your support and our message.

NO to their form of healthcare insurance taxation. NO to forcing us to purchase from private companies something we have the inalienable right upon which to decide to purchase or not. She is not our dictator. She is not representing us.

Yes, we can change this. We are going to bring balance and common sense back to Washington. There is no reason why we should stay there all year and fly back and forth on the weekends on the taxpayers dime. That is criminally immoral.

There are limits in our constitution, and they shall be enforced. Finally. What belongs to us and/or our state, the federal government can no longer take and has no say about how we run our Sovereign states.

There are many ideas that you have shared with me, and I have heard you. So have many of us Tea Partiers. Now it is time to put it into action. You asked us, "What do we do now?", "Where do we go from here?". We get rid of those who are not keeping their oaths by replacing them with us. Woohoo! It's gonna be a hot time in the old town in November! Have a great day. Digg! Digg!

Sen. Scott Brown Has Won!

Great job, Scott. Scott will now be the 41st Senator from Massachusetts, and he will take his rightful seat in the US Senate within the next couple of days because Coakley gave her consession speech. This means that there is no reason for anyone to contest the election results, so kiss it Reid and Pelosi!

Massachusetts Election News Update

Today is the day and there is much news. As you know, we have reporters over there watching this election. We want to avoid fraud, illegalities, etc. This is what has been reported so far.

Washington News Alert.

Martha Coakley’s Office Calls Reporters “Nazis”, Throws Them Out.
By Robert Romano

January 19th, 2010, Springfield, MA–An Americans for Limited Government Foundation reporter was blocked from entering a Martha Coakley campaign office, and the guards called her and her crew “Nazis.”


Said ALGF reporter Nancy Neale about the incident, “We went back to the Coakley volunteer center at 640 Page Blvd., one of the phone bank volunteer centers.

“We identified ourselves as journalists for Washington News Alert and Watchdog. They asked us politely to stop filming, and we did. However, two other men made phone calls and after they finished the calls, came over, grabbed my arm and told us to get out. Read the rest of this entry »

Coakley Campaigners Posting Signs Near Polling Locations Busted in Lawrence.
by Robert Romano

[Video 1] Part 1: A van that we have seen previously today shows up again planting signs. A guy got out of it. He blindsides our cameraman, he curses, and bumps him. In the bump his finger hits the stop record. He realizes and records again.

[Video 2] Part 2: The van is documented, and they explain what happened.

[Video 3] Part 3: They explain to the offenders the violation.

[Video 4] Part 4: The offenders move the signs.

Read more about election day in Massachusetts at Washington News Alert.

Warden a no-show, police open machine
Posted on January 19th, 2010 by Robert Romano

By Andrew W. Griffin, Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

LAWRENCE, Mass. — At the Essex Towers senior public housing, voters are being allowed to vote despite the poll warden not showing up. According to a poll watcher for Republican candidate Scott Brown, a Lawrence Police Department officer unlocked the ballot box. This was observed by Americans for Limited Government, and Brown and Martha Coakley poll watchers.

The poll warden had taken a child to school, according to one observer. The police later opened a polling machine for a handicapped man. There was still no evidence of a poll warden one hour after the polls opened.

Andrew W. Griffin is the editor of Oklahoma Watchdog.

As I wrote yesterday about dead people voting, the Secretary of State William Galvin has refused to take this issue seriously. Apparently, the DoJ has found him guilty of not reporting how many absentee ballots went overseas and how many were returned. Our Military men and women along with others didn't get to vote in Massachusetts possibly. This is unconscionable.

Hat tip: Americans for Limited Government. Digg! Digg!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusetts Election News

Tomorrow there will be some live-blogging for this desicive election along with just about everyone moving to Massachusetts for a day. Here are the links to some of the sites.

Live-blogging, RightPundits. They are also having a live-chat.

Next I have some news about some cameramen.
Breaking News: Washington News Observer Sends Six Camera Crews to MA to Cover Special Senatorial Election.
Jan. 15 2010, Fairfax , VA--The Washington News Observer has dispatched six camera crews to the cities of Boston , Lawrence , and Springfield , MA to provide up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis of the Senatorial Special Election. The WNO teams will be covering voting centers, rallies, community meetings, and other local events in order to gauge each community's political attitude. The footage will be broadcast quality.

If you are in any of the areas listed above, or if you have any breaking news, tips, or information on a developing story, please contact our field coordinator: Robert Lockwood (978-729-6711).

WNO footage will be published in real-time from the field. It will be available on the WNO website ( Consistent with WNO's Broadcast Content Portal Policy, we will not charge for our services.
Check out this little tidbit from Washington News Alert. They found this at More than 3 Million Registered Voters are Dead, 12 Million More Ineligible, Analysis Finds.
( – Regardless of how lively an election season might be, a new study shows that more 3.3 million voters on current registration rolls across the country are dead.

Another 12.9 million remain on voter registration lists in an area where they no longer live.

The analysis was conducted by the Aristotle International Inc., a technology company specializing in political campaigns, developing software and databases for politicians.
In Massachusetts, 116,483 registered voters are dead, 3.38 percent of the state’s total of registered voters. Another 538,567, or 15.6 percent, had moved to an area outside of where they are registered to vote.
I will be busy gathering signatures, calling the registrar, listening to the radio, and I may even be on that live-chat. It sounds very exciting. Now if only I could make mine that exciting. *heh*

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day

Today as the rain pours down in California, let us take some time to remember and celebrate one of our own. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was a fascinating man to the millions of people, me included. It is a sad and cruel thing that he was assassinated in 1968, but let's look at all the good he did.

He was a very articulate speaker. He spoke as he saw things, and he knew much about our constitution. This worried many white people as they were still ignorant to the fact that black people have minds just as great and creative as theirs. Many white people, however, understood this in a good way and stood up for him and believe in his speeches, his religious teachings, his approach of non-violence, and much more.

These white people were Christians. We must, however, understand that the KK used religion as al Qaida is doing today. I don't want to make this into anything political, but the truth must be told. Most KKK members were Democrats, while Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

If the video is not working properly, here is the YouTube link. Hat tip: superjsuh.

Many things have changed since the time of his murder, so let us not dwell on which party did what. I do not believe he would have wanted it that way. I know he certainly would Not have wanted all of his brothers and sisters to flock to one party or the other. He would want us to think and speak for ourselves and also to dialogue with each other.

He was a great man in my mind, and America is a better country for having Martin Luther King Jr. amongst us. Even if it were only for short while. Thank you, Rev. King, for opening up all those doors. Thank you for your persistence and knowledge and kindness and belief that one day, we would be able to stand together-hand in hand-and praise God for such a beautiful country and all of our blessings. Thank you for all of this.

Thank you for braving that frontier. Your work has been very successful. We still have a way to go, however. Some of the people who were with you have forgotten or have become bitter because of your assassination. Please do not be too disappointed. They loved you and your message. Have mercy on them.

When they realize the truth, when the scales off their eyes, we can once again climb to the top of that mountain and reach out to touch the Hand of God together. Until that time, I shall do my best to help restore your dream, our dream. God bless you, and I pray you are resting peacefully with God.

Happy Reverend Martin Luther King Day everyone. This is everyone's day of celebration, and don't let anyone tell you different. God bless.

Biographies: Martin Luther King - Biography,
Martin Luther King Jr. Biography,
Martin Luther King, Jr: Biography from,
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

District 37 Needs You

Good afternoon. I pray all is well with you. District 37 has an incumbant Congressman under indictment (innocent until proven guilty) and a challenger who has the philosophy of a strong defense, limited government, and free and fair markets. Life and Liberty are also importmant.

It is now time for us patriots to come together and fight back at the ballot booth. They won't listen? We will throw them out of office. They want to control our lives? We shall take back the LITTLE amount of control we delegated to them in November. They won't have the same insurance plan as they want to force on us? No way!

I am her opponent. This time you have a choice. Does this healthcare insurance worry or bother you? Does the process which the parties are using bother you? It should. Where is the transparency?

They had a conference yesterday on transparency with Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats...behind closed doors. Huh?

Let's get to the point. I need 3000 signatures in order to wave the filing fee of $1740. If you can spare any time at all to help me gather these registered voters signatures who live in District 37, please email me.

I am grateful for all the support you have given me so far, but this is only the beginning. I've learned about many things that are being proposed in this so-called (non-)conference meeting, and it's enough to make ones head spin off. For example, they want to cut TriCare (healthcare for our National Guard vets), cadillac tax on luxurious healthcare plans EXCEPT for the unions, and more.

Please help me. We need to have this done by February 25 at noon. (Someone brought to my attention that this was the actually date and I told him he was wrong. I WAS WRONG, AND YOU WERE RIGHT. See? It isn't that hard at all to admit. haha) I will always be as honest as I can (except when it comes to national security or CIA issues, then I will let you know I cannot reveal what I know).

Let us get moving so we can send these money-grabbing, drunken spenders, corrupt liars on their way to the unemployment lines they helped to create!

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day everyone. Digg! Digg!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Diary Page 9

I pretty much said it all in my post today. Please see Page 23.

Today on the Beat

Today I did so many things that I can't even remember what they were. I had to call several people, I know that. I called the CA Republican Party in LA, the IRS, the Registrars office, the RNC, and a few more people. I've also put in a call in to the NAACP, but there has been no return call as of yet. I think I'll call them again.

I also filled out some more forms today. It's kind of weird. One section tells you that you don't have to, the same section a little bit later says you do. Well, I filled them out anyway. With the IRS, it's always better to have done the paperwork and be wrong than the other way around. Hey, I'm an accountant, I trust my judgement on this. haha

I stayed home today. This is the first day all week I've been home. My brother needed someone to be here. I finally confessed to him that I have decided to run for office, and he already knew. It's very hard to keep anything from him. He's good!

He didn't want me to run for office, because he believes I can do much more with my blogging and activism. He doesn't want to see me get dragged through the mud and hurt. I can understand this, but he really shouldn't worry too much. I've never felt more alive, more energized, because I am finally going to do something about the problems we face rather than just write or complain about them. Yes, I do believe it takes a servants heart to be successful at this. This is something I pray I possess as much as I need.

I know I have a servants heart when it comes to people as a citizen. Our prayer request list grows everyday. Please help me to remember to always have a servants heart. I'm counting on you guys to help keep this gooook off me that they seem to have in Washington. Yuk! Please be my fellowship partners. I will need you more than I need your financial support.

Oh, btw, I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow to get the PO Box so you may start contributing if you so choose. I am going to need a lot of money, and I really don't like to ask but I must. If I cannot get 3000 signatures in a short period of time, I will need to pay $1,740 to have my name on the ballot.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to get the press involved, my ears are wide open. I've called, written, etc. Maybe if I get those signatures...I need the numbers of the people who vote in our district. Maybe I can get the signatures that way? I was thinking of hitting the schools in my district. Maybe some of the Churches also.

Right now I'm just rambling, because there is so much on my mind. Thank You, God, for the internet! What a wonderful thing it is for us to express our thoughts and share them with others. Thanks for taking the time to read it. God bless, and have a wonderful day. Digg! Digg!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Diary Page 8

I probably shouldn't have, but I stayed home today and tried to catch up on my emails and blogging. I sent out the news to the members of the Long Beach Patriots through emails. I probably should have said that. Oops.

It felt good to sit down for a minute. I know this takes a lot of energy and energy I have, but I just wanted to sit down and take it all in. This is not something I will be able to do after I get my candidacy filed.

I am going to have to set up some fundraisers, but how? Who do I know? That is why I called about the list of registered voters. They are going to send me something to fill out, and that costs bucco bucks. Should I try calling LB Republican Party again? They haven't answered my last 2 calls. Nor has the LA County called me back. That's quite alright.

I may not be rewarded anyone, but I sure am keeping score. The Republicans are just as responsible for this fiscal disaster as anyone else. They started it by signing into law (President Bush) the TARP. While he did leave at least half of it, $350,000,000,000, for President Obama, we were calling like crazy telling them not to do it. *sigh*

We have been feeling abandoned by the Republicans anyway. We in the Tea Party are Conservatives, Liberals, and Independents. You cannot put us in a box, we won't allow it.

Oh, I went shopping today for 3 dresses. I figured I should have them for when I need to look proper. *heh* I usually wear jeans. If men can wear them while they're campaigning, so can I. I just won't wear them at a fundraiser or a social function where I'd feel more comfortable in a dress.

My brother went with me to show me where the good stores were. It was pretty cool. We found this cute little thrift store. What? You thought I was going to spend a lot of money on myself? I don't do that. I don't see the need to do that. Except when it comes to shoes. Hey, we've all got to have the one item right? That's mine.

He knows. Someone called me back when about the something, and he overheard me say, "I have to be quiet for a minute. My brother can hear." He said, "Hear you talk about your campaign?" I almost dropped! I was so relieved! We talked, and he decided I should go for it.

I guess it is because he has noticed the calm I have felt ever since I made the decision. Oh, remember I said I was supposed to go to Norwalk to get those registration forms? I forget them. Remembered everything else but those! Ugh. Now I have to wait for them to get here before I can gather signatures. I don't want anyone to have the excuse that they are not registered to vote. *heh*

Please see Page 23.

Rep McClintock Endorses Citizen Power Initiative


Tustin, CA [January 14, 2010] - California Representative Tom McClintock today announced his endorsement of the Citizen Power Initiative, a proposed ballot initiative that will ban the practice of allowing taxpayer money to be funneled to politics through public employee unions’ paychecks.

The Citizen Power Campaign ( is currently collecting signatures to qualify the Citizen Power Initiative for the November 2010 ballot. Proponents have until mid-April to render nearly 700,000 valid signatures to the Secretary of State.

Tom McClintock, who represents California’s fourth congressional district, said, “The Citizen Power Initiative is absolutely necessary to bring real reform to Sacramento. People on both sides of the aisle know that public employee unions have too much power in Sacramento and stand in the way of real reform. They have that power because they have a special privilege no one else in politics has – the ability to automatically take money from their union members’ paychecks without their permission and use it for politics. This initiative will stop that automatic flow of money by simply taking the state out of the business of collecting political contributions on behalf of union bosses.”

“Restoring power the California’s citizens through the Citizen Power Initiative is our Number One priority in 2010 and Tom McClintock’s endorsement proves his commitment to stand on our side,” said Mark Meckler, one of the measure’s five proponents who as the California co-coordinator and a National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots.

To read the full text of the initiative and to learn more, visit and click onThe Solution.”

To download petitions and join the Citizen Power Campaign’s online community, visit


The Citizen Power Campaign combines grassroots taxpayer organizers, retirees, and political veterans. The initiative’s official proponents are Mark Meckler and Dawn Wildman, California’s Tea Party Patriot state coordinators; Larry Sand, retired public school teacher and founder of the California Teacher Empowerment Network; Allan Mansoor, Costa Mesa Mayor and Orange County Deputy Sheriff; and Mark Bucher, Orange County attorney and author of the 1998 ‘paycheck protection’ initiative, Proposition 226. The Lincoln Club of Orange County, a group of about 200 business owners and executives who believe in limited government, lower taxes, and the promotion of free enterprise, has been an early supporter and financial contributor to the Citizen Power Campaign.

Visit Unplug The Political Machine! here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Diary Page 7

I started to fill out the DBA paperwork, and it looked awfully familar. I called the IRS and they confimed it. I do already have a DBA. I have to wait a couple of weeks for the actual certificate because I did it over the phone.

Today there was an horrific earthquake in Haiti. It was a magniture 7.0. I am leary of the money being collected to go there. How are they going to get it to where it needs to go? How much of it will be for relief, and how much for 'administrative' costs? I hate that the Red Cross ripped everyone off after September 11, 2001. I don't think I can trust any group after that.

The Red Cross was formed by Christians, but now even Christians can't have a say over what happens. They are taking this political correctness too far!

I still haven't told my brother. The time hasn't presented itself. It is weighing on my heart. So are these people in Haiti. I'll bet those people who went there without anything to do with the government are getting things a lot better. Isn't that alway the way?

Please see Page 23.

Coakley: What Is Your Opinion On Free Speech?

This needs to be brought to your attention if you care about freedom of the press. Last night Mr. John McCormack was shoved to the ground by someone who may have been the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee's Michael Meehan. He was trying to prevent him from asking Coakley any questions after she had answered questions from other media personnel.

He writes for the Weekly Standard, and his article is, "We Report, We Get Pushed". So are we to believe there is only voice, one train of thought in America? NO, we are not.

Please watch this short video of the incident and make up your own mind. Would you prefer to live in this world where your point of view is not as important as the next persons? I know I wouldn't. This has got to called out and condemned.

If this video isn't working properly, here is the link to YouTube.

I condemn this action Mrs. Coakley. We demand an apology. I condemn it no matter who is speaking. While there are some people I wish would never speak, they have the right to do so. If you cannot answer a simple question, how do you expect to be a United States Senator?

Hat tip: NewsMax.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

Prayers for Haiti

There has been an awful earthquake located 10 miles SW of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 4:53 pm. The electricity is out, there's no phone service, and this is a human disaster. (Data from USGS.)

The earthquake was 7.0 and the after shocks were magnitudes 5.9 and 5.2. There are many houses totalled, a hospital is destroyed, the UN building is destroyed, the castle is partially destroyed. It is a human disaster.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Haitian people, their families, and their loved ones. Many people live outside of Haiti and are worried about their families. They have no way of contacting of them because the phone lines are down.

Aid is on the way, and our Military is on the way to help. God bless everyone involved. If you would like to help, call 1-866-714-3663 for more information. (Courtesy of Bill Bennett.) Please keep these people in your prayers today as you go about your day. Thank you.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Diary Page 6

Today I went into the bank to open a separate account so as not entangle funds. All contributions and expenses will go this account with receipts. This should keep every clear and proper. I loaned myself the money to open it up, and I already have $303 spent. ($140 travelling expense, $140 publication expense, and $23 for my (political) name.)

I am trying to figure out how to do this by myself. It is going to be difficult. I should get a campaign manager, but who? With what money? Who would want to do all that work without the promise of some reward afterward? Please do not expect any rewards.

I will be very grateful after our victory, but I do not give out rewards. Now it is obvious that the people who help who I find I can work well with I will obviously ask them to come to Washington with me. I sure hope it's someone from the Tea Party. I've met many great people through our parties, protests, get togethers, phone calls, etc. You guys are the best.

I should be ready to go now. There is just one more thing though. At the bank they made me get a business account instead of a non-profit account. That's because I am not to make a personal profit off of any of these contributions. I asked how it could be non-profit when there's so much money involved, and that's the Registrar said. Who knew?

Also, because I did not have a DBA (Doing Business As...), they wouldn't allow me to use my campaign's name, Welch for Congress 2010. I'll have to get one of those. I wonder if when I spoke to the IRS if they gave me one? What is an EIN? Hmm. Oh well. I'll get those tomorrow.

Still peaceful, still excited. Doing well. Forward march!

Please see Page 23.

The Race Is On!

I've just returned home from the registrars office and everything is in place. (Except the contributions PO Box, I'm still working on that.) I will spare you the details about all the work it takes just to get to the form for the signatures one needs to become a candidate (unless you want to know), I'm just glad we got over that hump.

We now need 1000 signatures so to waive the cost of becoming a candidate. Yes, one is not a candidate until they get these signatures, and we all have until February 10, 2010. Please check the map below to make sure you are in the 37th district before you ask me for a copy of the paper to fill out.

If you would like to contribute to this campaign, please let me know. Send me an e-mail and I'll let you know how you may do so. I could sure use all the help I can get. If you know any businesses, groups, big spenders or famous conservative politicians, give them my e-mail please. haha

You guys are the greatest! Let's roll! Digg! Digg!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Diary Page 5

Oh boy what a day! I did end up taking a cab there and back. They cab driver was kind enough to wait for me and go everywhere I went. (I also noticed he didn't turn on the meter on the way home.)

We first went to the 2nd floor. There I had to get my petitions in lieu of a $1,740 filing fee. I also handed them one of the papers I had printed out over the weekend but apparently I didn't need the rest just yet. That was going to take about 15 to 20 minutes, so I went to do the other things I needed done.

I had to take the paper she gave me and go somewhere else on the 2nd floor. I also had to fill out another form. I think it was to announce that I was a candidate, but I'm not sure. There were so many papers, I can't remember. It cost $23.

From there I had to go to the 5th floor to get it published. That cost another $140. They publish it for you for one month. That is to make it known that I am running as Welch for Congress 2010. I'm sure the phone calls will start soon. All those people that work making graphics and manage campaigns use those notices to get jobs.

Then we went back to where we started and my petitions were ready. Wonderful! It ran very smoothly. Great job, Norwalk's Registrar office! You guys definitely know what you're doing. A pleasant surprise.

However since I spent my cab fare, I had to ask brother for the cash while on the way home. I borrowed the cab drivers phone. I paid him back when I got upstairs, but holy cow. What an expensive day! ($140 round trip, $20 tip.)

It was a beautiful day today. Everything is set. Now I just have to get 3000 people to sign my petitions! Woohoo! Peace.

Please see Page 23.

One Nation Under God

This is a beautiful painting by Jon McNaughton which delivers a powerful message.


Just in case you cannot view the video on this blog, please visit YouTube. It will be there. Thanks.

Hat tip: Dawn. Digg! Digg!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Diary Page 4

Today has been relaxing. I'm getting my ducks put in a row, and this week I'm going to the Registrars even if I have to a cab. My brother has given me money for a cab, because he doesn't want out there with no way to get home. I have to pick up some voter registration forms, but he doesn't know about this.

I'm going to get enough rest today because I know when anyone deals with bureaucrats, no matter how nice they are, it can be an all day ordeal. It may go smoothly, but I'm just preparing my mental state just in case.

Still excited and at peace. I think the fact that I finally decided to do something about the TARP, the out of control stimulus bills, healthcare insurance, assult on our capitalist system from all sides, unemployment in double digits-some places and some people more intense numbers, auto bailouts, bank bail outs, wall street bail outs, housing collapses and instead of allowing the free market to work its way through they arifially keep the prices high when we all know its only going cause another collapse. *sigh*

Well, this will not be happening under our watch. Unemployment is now almost two years long! This is outrageous. Some people have a tendency not to look for work until one month before their unemployment benefits cease.

I understand people thinking this policy is helping those who cannot find work, but would you please show me where it says in the constitution that we are allowed to do this? The states can do this, because that power was never given to federal government by the several states. That is why we have state unemployment insurance. Or does President Obama want to national that too? Oh goodness, I'm going to sleep.

Please see Page 23.

What Inspired Me To Run For Office

Do you remember the massive turn-out we had September 12, 2009 in Washington and all across the country?

Here is the link to Bill Whittle's: Why We Should All Be Worried ... And Why You Should Run For Office. I hope you enjoy it. It helped me to make up my mind. It is only 12:23 minutes long.

Bill spoke at our September 12th Tea Party. He has passion, he has knowledge, and he has a regular show at I like his shows. He has one where he has two other guests on with him.

It is known as the 'Trifecta'. This week it was Are Radical Islamists Setting Our National Security Agenda? (9:45) The blogs of these men who inform us and shared with us are Steve Green's VODKAPUNDIT, Scott Ott's ScrappleFace, and Bill Whittle's Eject! Eject! Eject! Check them out if you want to be informed about the world and our country.

This is just another one of Bill's classy edifications. Keep at it Bill, you're doing your country good. They Stole Our Future, But They Cannot Break Our Will.(10:00)

Thank you, Mr. Whittle, for the push. I pray we can bring our country from the brink of destruction together. I believe we will. Have a good day. Digg! Digg!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Diary Page 3

It's the weekend now so I checked out some of those filing papers online. They were pretty easy to fill in, but there were one or two questions I have. I was supposed to fill in whether or not I have ever had an EIN and I have. About 20 years ago! I don't remember for what (domestic engineer?).

I printed those out. Still haven't told my brother. I've decided to tell him, I just don't how or when. Maybe the time will just present itself. I sure hope it is soon.

Please see Page 23.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Diary Page 2

Today was pretty busy. I did a lot of talking on the phone. They are going to mail me some of the material so I fill it out now. When I called back in November to find out the information to run as a candidate, they told me I had to wait until January 4, 2010. It made me wonder how everyone else was already out there campaigning. Peculiar.

I spoke with the Registrar, the FPPC, the IRS, Secretary of State and I don't remember all of them. You know how government is when their trying to help you. Everyone kept sending me to someone else. I don't know if they know who actually does what, or maybe I asked the wrong questions. That's quite possible.

Well, that's for today. I'm still excited and at peace, but I don't like keeping this from my brother. It is really tearing me up inside. It's odd. I feel torn up, yet I also feel at peace. Strange.

Please see Page 23.

I Support This Constitutional Amendment

The Tea Party Patriots of California are trying to put a constitutional amendment on this November's ballot - which I endorse. The name of the site where you may find all the information you need is Unplug the Political Machine. It may be stated as below (if AG Brown doesn't change it).

1403. (09-0054).

Makes Illegal the Use of Public Employee Wage Deductions for Political Activities. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Summary Date: 12/04/09 | Circulation Deadline: 05/03/10 | Signatures Required: 694,354

Proponents: Mark W. Bucher, Dawn M. Wildman, Allan R. Mansoor, Lawrence D. Sand, and Mark J. Meckler (714) 573-2201

Amends the California Constitution to make it illegal to deduct from wages or earnings of a public employee any amount that will be used for political activities as defined. Prohibits any membership organization that receives public employee wage deductions from using those funds for any political activities, but does not apply to deductions for charitable organizations, health, life or disability insurance, or other purposes directly benefitting the public employee. Authorizes the Legislature and Fair Political Practices Commission to adopt related laws and regulations. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Probably minor state and local government implementation costs, potentially offset in part by revenues from fines and/or fees. (09-0054.) (Full Text)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Diary Page 1

Today I opened this blog, because I have decided it was just too important to allow Congresswoman Laura Richardson to run unchallenged again. Our country is in dire straits, and we must not let our freedoms be subjugated by people who appear to be acting as Marxists.

It has been a very difficult decision for me make to decide to run. My dear brother is worried for me. I don't know if he understands just how pressing this is on my soul, but his intentions are pure.

He doesn't like the way they treat conservative candidates, but that goes with the terrority. It isn't as if I haven't had my share of debates. After all, I did go to college. I was on the debate team, I started the PoliSci club which didn't really take off until next semester when someone else started a Republican Club. They did a good job, too.

I was a member of the Honors Club every semester, and I became a life-long member of Alpha Gamma Signa, Kappa Chapter. This was at Long Beach Community College. I missed graduating by 1 lousy class. I became ill, so I could not return. *sigh*

Back to what happened today. I made several calls to Norwalk's Registrar. I also made a couple calls to bus depots. Boy, if that isn't to confuse a person, I don't know what is. I have a little fear of getting lost, and that's exactly what they did. One station told me one way, the other station told me the other person was wrong in their directions.

The problem is, I trust the first station because they are the Long Beach Transit! Oh brother. Maybe I will call back tomorrow. I'm not going to chance it. Well, that's all for now. Oh, I'm pretty excited. I am actually going through it this time. Yes indeed. I made a promise, and I always keep those. Laura Richardson, get ready for the unemployment line!

Please see Page 23.

Rosemary Welch for Congress!

I have made up my mind. It is apparent at this point that our representative and senators have no respect for us, so I am throwing my hat in the ring. When any government feels brave enough to abuse the people they are supposed to represent, it is time for them to go.

What do I want to accomplish?

1. Stop the bleeding of our money. Stop the stimulus, and stop printing money.
2. Pay more attention to our foreign affairs such as the brave people in Iran who are asking only for democracy, stop the genocide and slavery in Darfur, stop Permanent Favored Nation with China until they stop turning the escaped North Koreans back to the NK government where they will end up in the gulags, stop pirating our intellectual (artists) materials, and improve their human rights within their country.
3. Open our markets to those countries whom believe as we do (ie, republic demmocracy).
4. Get out of the United Nations. It is a den of thieves.

If government would just stay out of the way of our own ingenius, ingenuity, and talents, we would be able to reach up out of this depression. NO, it is not over. We cannot keep pumping up false numbers such as jobs created when those jobs are actually governmental jobs!

Ms. Richardson, I warned you that I would run against you if you voted for this healthcare bill which you have not read, and I meant it. Here I am. May the best person win and save California and these beautiful and great United States.

Please join me in this journey. I look forward to working with you.



Friday, January 1, 2010

About Me

I am a Christian woman who happens to also be Conservative. I treasure the relationships I have with my family and friends, my pets, definitely my faith, my apartment, and many other things. Most of them cannot be bought.

I became interested in politics in 1990 when I worked on Tom Clark's campaign for the 4th district seat on the Long Beach city council. It was fascinating. Then I studied political science in college. I had no idea what a conservative or a liberal were. Things have changed so drastically that I can't help but notice.

I need to be clear with you. I have not always been a good person and sometimes I still am not, but that's only when I feel my country is becoming more socialist than capitalistic.

As an underage teenager, I ran away from home and was kidnapped and forced into a life I despise. That is why I fight against human trafficking. I was saved August 2, 1990. I was baptised August 2, 1991. Cool, eh?

I have been sober for over 20 years now. I smoke cigarrettes. I rescue cats. (I have a few.) I love ice cream. I love swimming. I'm just your round-of-the-mill ordinary gal.

But I have never been one to sit by and let others do what needs to be done, especially when they're obfiscating their duties. This is why I chose to run for Laura Richardson's congressional seat. I hope to work with you during this campaign and after I am elected.

Strong defense, cut taxes, fiscal responsibility for those things that are constitutionally declared, and free and fair markets, and I am pro-life and pro-second amendment. Those are my priorities. Feel free to share your's with me. Thank you, and have a blessed day.


I do have an account on the internet for which to accept contributions. However I do have a bank account set up specifically for contributions for this campaign. If you are interested in helping me raise the money we need to win this victory so together we may take our country back, please e-mail me and I will provide you with the proper information. I appreciate your support more than can be expressed. Let's stand together and on victory day ask them, "Can you hear us NOW?" ;)

PS. If you have read Page 23, you will understand why I do not have a PO Box. Oh well. If you would like to contribute to my campaign, please e-mail me for the intstruction. I would truly appreciate it. Have a nice day.