Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tired American

My friend has sent me a link to this great video, and I would like to share it with you. It is about a man who is sick and tired of the people who blame this great country without recourse as if there was nothing to admire, hold up for praise, honor, and glory. Why don't you watch this video called "I Am A Tired American" and then we'll talk.


In case there is a problem with this video, you may watch it at NMA TV.

I understand this man's frustration. There are so many contributions that Americans, whether red, yellow, black or white (or brown), through their talents and sacrifices they have made to help create the most wonderful country in the world...ever.

When people speak of American, some people will say bad things about her. Then ask them would they rather live where they are or in America? Hands-down, they majority will say America! The people who live here now that would say otherwise, I truly do not understand.

Could it be our educational system? After 9/11/2001, many teachers were found to have said negative things about America. While we were all in shock, while we all came together for the first time in too long of a time, they were comparing us with these monsters! This is inexcusable to me.

I understand differing opinions. It wouldn't America without them. Gosh, it wouldn't be a family without them! How do you like having family get togethers for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanakkah, or the Super Bowl? (I know that isn't a holiday, but please forgive me. I'm going through withdrawals untl next August. *heh*)

So you see, no one agrees with anyone all the time. Wouldn't that be boring? Who would challenge you on what you think or believe to help you better defend it or change your mind? This is the fun part of learning. One of them, anyway.

But why do some people hate us? Because there is something wrong with THEM, not us. Remember this the next time someone tells you America sucks. If it were not for America, if America had never been, think of how many wars would have turned out the other way? WWI and WWII? Would the European continent be speaking French or German? Would there be peace in the world or more wars?

Sometimes we have to fight wars to prevent the spread of evil peoples' ideas and ideologies. We are called upon time and again to aid the poor countries. Countries that could prosper if their dictators would disappear and allow the common people to rule. Corruption is the destruction is the rule in many countries. Yet we are blamed for this. HUH? Then let them eat cake...but we cannot do that. We care too much about people.

Now am I speaking about the government or the citizens? The citizens, of course. Governments are something the people (in American anyway) have either created or have fallen captive underneath their oppression. Israel is not one of them.

Yesterday the man who was put in charge of finding out where the corruption was in the PA escaped for fear of his life after revealing the truth (something foreign to that part of the world). Did he flee to Jordan? No. Why not? It was closer? How about Syria? HA! No. Iran? Egypt? No. He fled to Israel. No matter what you think about foreign policy (should we be giving any country American tax dollars?), you must at least admit that Israel is not only an ally but a democracy and not a dictatorship. He knew he would be safe.

Back to America. If anyone has a problem with our Military, then they have a problem with me. The only reason you have the right of establishment of religion OR PROHIBITTING THE FREE EXCERCISE THEREOF, freedom of (POLITICAL) speech, freedom of the press, the right of assembly and to petition the government for redress of grievances, the right to own and bear arms, and all the the rights in our amendments is because these courageous young men and women are willing to do the deeds for you that you yourself will not do. Without them, we would all be slaves to another government. So don't ever speak down to me about our Military. Got it? I dearly hope so.

This certainly is a thought-provoking video. I was going to write a few lines aftward, but it now appears as though I'm ready to write a book! I shall leave with you this. I am proud to be American without hyphenation. We are all brothers and sisters. We have all our own struggles and wrong doings done to us and that we have done. But America is the land of second chances. Thank God! ;)
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