Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Diary 2/11/10

Well, I have the schedule set for our next Tea Party. It will be on Saturday, 2/20/10. I had to reschedule because there is a Leadership Institute Training Weekend on the weekend of the 27th-28th. Then I have plans to attend the California Republican Assembly meeting on March 5-7. I'm hoping to meet some influencial people there that can help me with my campaign.

I thought I had someone to help with a campaign site and a paypal account, but he wanted $2000. I simply cannot afford to pay that much. Even if I could, I would not. That is what we call, Wasting Money. I can do most of the work myself, so why pay someone else to do it for me?

If anyone wants to contribute to me, they can reach me through my e-mail and get the instructions. There are many laws that have to be followed such as no corporations can contribute, it must be from a personal account, there is a certain limit to how much an individual or couple can contribute (have to find out what that is), etc. I know I can sure use those contributions. I haven't received any yet.

It has been difficult getting back the feeling of joy I once had. After I told my brother I would not run so he would feel better, he got sick again. We don't know if was because of my campaign or not. I did find out that Laura Richardson would run unopposed if I did not. I just couldn't let that happen, so I had a talk with my brother.

He is only concerned with my well-being. We played cards for a few nights. This was nice since we hadn't played cards together in almost 20 years. I was afraid to make any sudden attempts to start campaigning again in front of him. I still am. In front of him, that is.

I went to look for the money I borrowed to pay for the fee to become a candidate (it's been raining cats and dogs), and I found it missing. Not only that, all the money was gone! I'm going out of my mind trying to look for it. My brother let me borrow some money, but I have to pay him back. This is really bothering me, because I feel violated. Who could have come in here and stolen my money? It is not a very good feeling, not at all.

I am, however, ready to move full force toward victory in this race. Laura won this race by replacing Juanita when she passed away in office.

I've been watching the clash between the mullahs and the people of Iran, and I'm wondering where in God's name is President Barack Obama? He is supposed to be representing our republic and her people, and there is no way we would allow this type of treatment here. So why does he think it's okay over there? And he wants to have talks with their phony leaders after they have declared they are now a nuclear state? Not on my watch! Gotta go. Have a nice day, and be grateful for our Liberty.
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