Monday, February 15, 2010

My Diary 2/15/10

Oh my goodness gracious! Thursday I went to Norwalk on the bus (3 to be exact), and I found out that I could not pay the fee until this coming Tuesday. Oh well.

I had also learned there is another person using the "Welch for Congress" website for his campaign, so I wanted to change my DBA (doing business as). When I went over to that part of the building, I learned that I'd have to pay another $140! Oh brother. I've received no contributions yet.

I think I'll pay someone to have a PayPal button put on this site. What's wrong with a blog? They're free, and I don't think the people of District 37 should have to pay for elegance for which they get no benefit. (This is free.)

Solution Graphics

Let's see if this works. I am going to create another page to include all contributions and how much they contributed. If you do not want to have name on this list, don't contribute. No favors. I want do them in Congress. so I'm not going to start doing them here! *heh*

I'll write more later. I want to add this to my page and my sidebar. I really need money since I am on a fixed income. I hate it, but that's another post. Have a great day everyone! I hope your Valentine's Day was loving. Remember, if you do not have someone right now, the Lord loves you and you should love yourself. That will be good enough for now, eh? ;)
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